IPCEI in the Media

Press Release: „IPCEI on Microelectronics experience favoured the cooperation among several european countries about a new strategic project, IPCEI Batteries, now approved by the EU“
Dec 9, 2019

Press Release: State aid: Commission approves €3.2 billion public support by seven Member States for a pan-European research and innovation project in all segments of the battery value chain
Dec 9, 2019

Press Release: Altmaier: Eine Milliarde für die Schlüsseltechnologie Mikroelektronik
Erste Million des IPCEI Mikroelektronik wird heute ausgezahlt
May 17, 2019

Article: Competition commissioner spells out terms for clearing new industrial R&D partnerships
May 06, 2019

Press Release: Gabriel: Neues Investitionsprogramm Mikroelektronik stärkt Innovationsstandort Deutschland
Bundeswirtschaftsministerium stellt 1 Milliarde Euro bereit
July 2016)